Artist from Bavaria, Germany Dorisse is taking paper craft to another level.
I ran into the "Paper statement" shop on Etsy by accident. An elegant magenta beaded necklace caught my eye and I decided to explore further. I was very surprised when I realized that the jewelry I was looking at was made from paper! Of course I've seen countless types of paper  beads and jewelry before but nothing like this. In my opinion Dorisse has created the perfect balance between texture, form, color and self expression. Her creations are absolutely unique and are magnificent. 
It is craft as fine art and her shop name speaks for itself. 
I've contacted Dorisse and have asked  her if  she would like to be featured on "Earth Friendly" and  has she kindly agreed.
She told me by email why paper was her first choice of mediums. As it turns Dorisse has worked with a variety of materials and techniques such as beaded jewelry, mosaic, painting on canvas, glass, silk and porcelain and many more for the last 25 years. Only about one year ago she said to her best friend "Finally, after 25 years, I have found my medium: Paper". "I was so compelled that I feel nearly addicted to it" she said. 
For Dorisse paper is the most fascinating material of all to work with. "The possibilities to create are endless"she goes on to say.  Dorisse also said that she loves the infinite range of colors and textures. "Paper is easy to cut and form, you can make it hard, compact and sturdy or delicate, fragile and ethereal". "You can make little light creations from thin paper or huge objects and even furniture from thick cardboard".Dorisse studied art history and literature and she is also a passionate reader and bibliophile. At the moment she is creating a collection of art objects out of Books and her Book Art will be shown in an Art exhibition in June. The collection now in work is  a series of sculptures hand crafted from books and the sculpted forms will be 3-D interpretations of the related books content. The collection of works to be exhibited is titled "Interpretations".
 I  wish Dorrise the very best of luck in her future artistic endeavors.  
Dorisse  was also a featured seller on Etsy.  You can read her Etsy interview here  In addition to her Paper Statements she also runs a Porcelain Designs shop on Etsy.  
 The pictures are copyrighted and were used with the artist's permission.